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From the days of playing garbage cans in our garage, to performing across the country with various groups, we have always loved to play. 

Forming the Ken Foster Trio has been a dream most of my life, but finding the right musicians to work with has been the hardest challenge.

I met Bob MacArt my drummer in the early 70's, and fell in love with his effortless, and incredibly tasteful drum playing.  He is a master, and I believe is the finest drummer in Utah, if not the entire country. 

Brian Foster I recruited away from Las Vegas where he and his group were the opening act at the MGM.  You might think that it was an easy sale, since I was his brother... but it still took a few years to convince him to join my band.  Since he has worked with me most of my life, he has an instinctive feel of my playing style, which I haven't been able to duplicate with any other bass player ever... 

We have spent most of our time over the years working in the studio and playing for some incredibly talented singers and performers. It has only been recently that we began to produce and release our own music.  We hope you enjoy the variety.  We love most styles of music, and have incorporated them into our various CD's and performances.

Partial list of credits:

Besides writing and performing music for PBS, education videos, documentaries, news broadcast, infomercials, commercials, conventions, trade shows, multimedia, theater, CD-ROM and film.  We have also performed with and for numerous performers and entertainers ...

Including : 

Utah Musical Theatre Association
Governors Convention on Marriage (5 years running)
UDA; Utah Dental Association Convention ~ (15 years running)
Donny & Marie Osmond
Osmonds-Next Generation
Roy Clark
The Letterman
Andy Williams
Anna Connie
Johnny Ray
Regis Philbin
Helen Forrest
Sherie Lewis
Pied Pipers
Dennis Day
Sunshade & Rain
Robert Peterson
Statler Brothers
Soul Patrol
Earth Wind & Fire
Salt Lake 2002 Olympics
Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz
MGM Grand (main stage) in Las Vegas
Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with David Osmond
Murray Art Center
Club Manhattan 
and numerous other productions, dances, 
concerts, conventions, and  pageants

Ken Foster
Brian Foster
Bob MacArt
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