Online Music Computer Lab


         To develop a high degree of piano (keyboard) skills, creativity and musicianship through personalized individual study, performing experiences and using current interactive computer technology. 

         At our studio, a student becomes a fully functional musician, able to internalize and assimilate music quickly and easily.  This will allow each student to carry out their craft independently throughout their lifetime, he/she may be the parent of a future music student, and accompanist for school and social activities, as well as a patron of community arts.


         1)    Private Time...    (Develop specific skills and interpretations, and work out problem areas)
         2)    Group Time...     (Master class, performing and ensemble experiences, techniques, games)
         3)    Lab Time...         (Computer Assisted Instruction)

Computer Assisted Instruction 

Rhythm Development Sight reading skills and performance, internalize pulse and rhythmic patterns, ear, eye-hand coordination, positive reinforcement.
Musicianship DevelopmentDevelop skill in theory, sight reading, ear training, including melodic, harmonic, rhythmic dictation, error detection, basic music fundamentals, including fingering, terminology and symbols.
Audiation DevelopmentDevelopment of the students ear to hear sounds as an internalized kinesthetic response, in other words, to hear in their heads before they play, essential in order to interpret music, as well as play by ear.
Creativity DevelopmentImprovisation, composition, sight reading, theory, ear training and ensemble playing using MIDI interfacing with several synthesizers, notation & music printing.

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